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As a handler, it’s our responsibility to be the best for them.

Ashley Horner

Those of you who have started following along, I wanted to introduce my two Maligators 

Raven will be 2 this year, and Cadman will be 5 this year. 

I don’t have a history of loving this breed or even an interest of working with K9s, it just sorta happened. 

In fact, three years ago when I got Cadman I knew absolutely nothing about training dogs or obedience.  I didn’t know anything about this breed and honestly couldn’t say #malinois let alone spell it 😅 

I had a pretty bad encounter with a stocker who flew into my town trying to find me at my business here in Virginia Beach.

Another incident happened not too long after while in Vegas with a pretty well known rapper. 

These two moments made me begin researching my options when it came to protecting myself and my boys.  This is when I was introduced to a company that trained protection K9s and offered me a solution. 

When Cadman was integrated into my life, I got one full day of training on how to do/be anything for him.  I didn’t even have a kennel, dog food or any gear.  I was honestly terrified at first.  So much so, I was intimidated to even the collar around his neck. I was asking myself what did I get myself into.  Knowing the weapon he his and to the degree of his training- 

I had to catch up, a lot.  I began doing research, studying weekly at online academies and reaching out to other handlers, @falcok9boston who were definitely hard on me but pushed me to be the best for him – That’s what I wanted. 

To have a working k9 like Cadman aka Bones you have to be confident, so I worked hard, really hard and trained, training myself mostly and teaching him new things. 

I can’t begin to describe the bond that I have with this dog.  As a handler, it’s our responsibility to be the best for them. 

I’m constantly holding him accountable and continuing to learn everything I need to learn by picking up pieces from everyone – so I’m thankful. 

My life wouldn’t be the same, and I’m here with him today because I had to go through some tough and somewhat scary things. The investment in these dogs is considerable.  Money, time, education.  It’s worth it.  All of it.

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