Becoming A Professional Decoy

Everything I’ve been through with Bones has led me to this point. I’m so thankful for the connections that have came into my life and have helped me a long my journey. Spring 2021 I had the opportunity to attend Spikes School under Franco Angelini!

I didn’t know the extent of what I was getting into. Twelve hours prior I was down in South Carolina competing in my first every Tactical Games. I then traveled 6 hours up North West to get into Roanoke, VA where I got to participate in my first ever Decoy school! I’m gonna be the first to admit that although I’ve been around my fair share of K9’s, helped raise a lot of money for the working k9’s in need- but dang it can be intimidating standing on the runway getting ready to catch a bite!

I learned so much on this course, and learned how to read a dog better then I did before I took Franco’s class. It was beautiful watching him work. Something like dancing with the dogs as cheesy as that sounds. Throw some acting into it, confidence and education on HOW to properly catch a dog- you’re on your way to becoming a professional decoy.

The pros honestly make it look so easy, and the intimidation factor does dull after you experience different personalities and sizes of working K9’s. This is something that I will continue to work on and want to work on.

Yea, you still end up with bruises and scrapes, the k9’s bite hard and they mean it.

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