25 Hour Row

I have long been a supporter of Spikes K9 Fund before I got Bones & Raven. Its funny how life puts people in your path sometime long in advance. It started back in September 2016 after seeing Jimmy Hatch and learning about his mission to help the working dogs in need.

It is then I made a pledge to row 300 miles everyday (8-10 hours a day) on the concept2 rower to raise money for Spikes. Spikes K9 Fund is a local non-profit that aids in helping the working dogs all across the US. They help by providing ballistic vest for the dogs, help cover medical bills heat alarms for working dogs and their vehicles they are transported in and more.

Then again in 2020, I decided to do a 25 hour concept 2 row to help raise awareness and funds for SpikesK9. The number 25 comes from the 25,000 working k9s across the US, so I decided it would be fitting to row for 25 hours to represent the 25,000 working dogs- money was raise.. my ass was sore and my hands blistered.

And Lastly in 2021 once again I set out on the second annual 25 hour row for these working dogs who put some much on the line for us humans. We raised a lot of money and I bed in 2022 we will do it again.

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